Friends disappear one after another, leaving kind-hearted Andorf unsure who to trust. Feelings torn between a woman and her other boyfriend, his childhood adversary, Andorf plays cat and mouse games, determined to uncover the whereabouts of his best friend.  He climbs through windows, confronts a terroristic gang, and navigates past the pseudo-fascist government’s corrupt political parties, leading up to the hijacking of the Empire’s elite Starship Atlantis. This fast-paced political satire reflects real time events as it morphs into a near-future sci-fi. Interspersed with political jabs, this novel’s action, romance, and twisted humor make it a real page turner.

With an opressive society that conjures the surreal world of Brazil, an everyman finds himself drawn to a high stakes mission. "A Stiff Wind Blows" blends strong elements of libertarian science fiction with straight-up space adventure.
Greg Juhn
Author of "The Perfect"
The next epic
Ryan Evans
Independent Writing Coach
With a quirky flare, reminiscent of Douglas Adam's "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy", Gary McConville's debut novel is a fun science fiction read. It's romantic and comical- but with a sharp edge. McConville reveals a future techno-world with digital landscapes, Kimball Thinkers, temporal taps, retinal scans, massive sea walls, replicating machines, starships, the dreaded Cos, and The Eye piping "the truth" into everyone's head 24x7. But there's hope- there's Andorf, seven thousand gypsies and one bunny unraveling a world rich in thought-provoking situations, where things are never as they appear.
Val M. Matthews
The Exit 271 Studio


A word about the author

Gary McConville grew up in Miami, Florida, casually writing unpublished short stories. Lugging degrees in electronics and computer science, he worked in Information Technology in various degrees at Coca-Cola in Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Transportation. He is a founding member and a board director of the Georgia House Rabbit Society. Time split between writing and animal care, this extra-class ham radio operator finds little time for radio sport.

‘Winds of Darkness’, the sequel to ‘A Stiff Wind Blows’ is expected to be published late 2019.